Rules & Regulations

J.K.College of Pharmacy has special set of interests and purposes essential to its effective functioning. These include:

  1. The opportunity for students to attain their educational objectives
  2. The creation and maintenance of an intellectual and educational atmosphere throughout the college.

A student admitted to JKCP accepts the responsibility to confirm to all JKCP rules and regulations. Proven failure to meet this obligation will justify appropriate disciplinary actions including disciplinary probation, suspension and or expulsion / dismissal.
The following are the general rules and regulation of JKCP:

  • If any Student, after admission, leaves the college under any circumstances, have to pay the college fees for the remaining period of the whole course.
  • Candidate has to secure 80% of attendance for theory classes as well as practical in each subject.
  • Students should not break or damage any of the apparatus provided for their use.
  • Students must wear identity card whenever they are inside the college campus.
  • Students should give utmost importance to class work, practicals, home work and sessional examinations.
  • 80% of attendance is compulsory in all subjects for appearing the University examinations.
  • All students should strictly follow the dress code framed by the college.